Dresscodes for Postcodes : Primary Research

by charlottewootten

The brief for this project was to gain knowledge of the styles of the public in an area in London and then use our findings to create our own fashion promotion edit. My team mate and I decided to visit the postcode W1S (Mayfair), as we liked the traditional architecture combined with high end designers stores.

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It was clear from seeing some of the high end store’s shop windows that rich, jewel like colour palettes combined with neutral tones and various textures such as velvet and corduroy were very on trend. After looking around and getting more of an understanding of the current trends in this area of London, we focused on real people with their own styles.

DSC_0672 retouch    This was the first person we photographed on Savile Row. My team mate and I really liked the rich colours of his outfit, starting with his burgundy, corduroy shirt with gold trims. The dark indigo jeans and suede boots created a smart/casual vibe to this outfit whilst the buttoned black jacket make first appearances seem very tailored.


We also photographed this woman on Savile Row. Again she was wearing a rich coloured, smart coat which was definitely the statement piece of this look. The neutral scarf underneath creates an effortless look which still looks smart and casual. Then to finish the look are understated black boots which don’t distract from the berry coat.

DSC_0676editWe soon found out that this was actually a uniform but we still loved the style nonetheless. Throughout the day we’d noticed that a neutral colour palette with a rich coloured accent piece was a very popular style, so to see this bright colour which was broken up by crisp white was a fresh change. I think that by adding another colour from the same tonal range makes the blue suit even more eye-catching.

DSC_0681Another photograph taken down Savile Row. I think that this gentleman’s style has been refined and is effortless. The different layers of neutral tones from the white shirt which is casually unbuttoned at the top to the checked scarf all work together perfectly to create a very clean look. The smart patent loafers finish this look and work in harmony with the other components.

DSC_0685editAnother smart casual look with a twist. Although neutral tones and a crisp shirt are obviously favoured in this look, red chinos break up the colour palette. A simple tie is also worn underneath which may make the look seem quite tailored and smart, however the chinos bring a casual twist. The smart shoes finish this look.

I felt that it was interesting to learn how many people have similar styles although all being from different ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, I was expecting a wider variety of trends but in Mayfair in particular the smart, tailored look is very popular and I feel may be influenced by the surroundings such as Savile Row. From completing this primary research, my team mate and I feel that we can confidently style our own shoot inspired by the smart, tailored looks we found in Mayfair. However, we want to bring a twist to this trend and make the smart look even more wearable to a younger audience and to people who live outside of London or Mayfair.